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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Oregon has published a 26-page handbook, Your Privacy Rights in Oregon. Written in a question and answer format, the handbook is a practical tool for Oregonians who have questions about their information privacy rights.

"Recent surveys show that Americans increasingly are concerned about their ability to control information about themselves," said David Fidanque, Oregon ACLU Executive Director. "We should be. Computers and other technologies have greatly increased the ability of government and private business to gather, store and distribute personal information."

"Despite the increasing importance of privacy legislation at the state level," Fidanque said, "until now there has been no basic guide to Oregon privacy laws. We expect our privacy rights handbook will fill that important need for Oregonians who share these concerns."

Among the questions answered in the ACLU handbook are:

· Can my employer show my personnel file to others?
· Are my bank records confidential?
· Can anyone else gain access to my medical records?
· How safe is information held about me by state agencies?

Your Privacy Rights in Oregon is edited by Stuart Kaplan, Associate Professor of Communication at Lewis and Clark College, with assistance from specialists in several areas of of privacy law. The handbook is available by mail for $2.50. Please send a check to the ACLU of Oregon PO Box 40585, Portland, OR 97240 (503-227-3186) or PO Box 50426, Eugene, OR 97405 (503-345-6162).