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The following sites provide comprehensive or unique resources relating to the work of the ACLU. While some of these sites are operated by organizations that work frequently in coalition with the ACLU, the sites may also include materials on positions we do not share.

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The ACLU Freedom Network
The National American Civil Liberties Union website is a dazzling civil liberties resource.


Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee
An Oregon chapter of the national grassroots organization to restore civil liberties taken away by post 9-11 legislation.  The Bill of Rights Defense Committees are working to limit or repeal the Patriot Act and other recent federal laws that endanger our civil liberties.

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon
Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette
Organization dedicated to protecting reproductive freedom, sex education, and access to all facets of reproductive health care.

Hands Off Washington
This is a link to the organization in the state of Washington working to protect the rights of gay and lesbian citizens.

Open Oregon
Advocates public awareness of the federal Freedom of Information Act, and public meeting and information laws that give us all the right to know what's going on in our government.

Oregon Right to Die
This is the organization working to assure that competent, terminally ill adults have the option to ask for a physician's assistance in hastening death if their suffering becomes unbearable.

Basic Rights Oregon
Educating Oregonians about discrimination faced by gay, lesbian and bisexual people and fighting to keep discrimination out of the Oregon Constitution.

Eugene Human Rights Commission 
Provides policy advice to Eugene City Council and advocacy for citizens who believe they have experienced harassment or discrimination.


Banned Books On-line
Based at Carnegie Mellon, this on-line exhibit provides links to books banned in libraries and schools across the country, but available on the Internet in electronic form. In keeping with its subject matter the format of Banned Books On-line is textual essay, with approximately 50 embedded links.

Index on Censorship
The on-line site for the magazine Index on Censorship focuses, like its parent publication, on the "fundamental questions of free speech." Site content includes excerpts from the current issue, most notably the magazine's aptly-named Index Index tracking incidents of censorship country-by-country. Features unique to the web issue can be found in the form of actual audio interviews replacing the reporter's transcribed versions, and a gallery of banned cartoons.

Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University
The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University provides information about the organization, back issues of the First Amendment News newsletter, an array of FAC reports and publications, and material relating to the Freedom Speaks television program. Users are also encouraged to look up contact information for their Congressional representatives, using a clickable map of the U.S.

This site includes alerts from the First Amendment Cyber-Tribune -- an excellent source for current events -- as well as links, documents and discussions, all arrayed in an easy-to-navigate table format.

See/Hear/Speak No Evil
This page, covers free speech issues, news, and opinions, and has a handful of interesting link titles.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
FAIR "seeks to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater media pluralism and the inclusion of public interest voices in the national debate."

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Information on the RCFP, its First Amendment Handbook, FOIA, as well as its publication, New Media and Law.

Media Watchdog
This site features a collection of online media watch resources with an emphasis on critiquing the accuracy and exposing the biases of the mainstream media. Many mailing lists and links to articles, essays, and studies.

Privacy and Human Rights 2000
Report on privacy in countries around the world

American Library Association
A web site for the ALA, which has long stood for intellectual freedoms.

Freedom of the Press, an Annotated Bibliography.
A wealth of information for those researching First Amendment issues. The electronic version is indexed alphabetically and is easy to browse. 

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