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Benton-Linn Chapter
The Benton-Linn ACLU chapter has recommended to the Corvallis City Council that it investigate establishing a community-based police review board that is able to review individual complaints and recommend improvements to police policy. The Chapter is continuing to monitor the trial establishment of Internet filtering software at the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library. The Chapter Board is broadening its coalition work so the Chapter can better help address the concerns of communities of color.

Southern Oregon Chapter
Southern Oregon Chapter members are invited to the next Chapter Board meeting on April 16, 10am - noon at the Selma Community Center. The meeting will be followed by a potluck. At 12:30pm a forum on Civil Liberties and Civil Disobedience is planned, speaker to be announced.

In January at a press conference in Medford the Chapter denounced police tactics used against anti-Bush demonstrators in Jacksonville on October 14th while President Bush was visiting.  After a lengthy investigation by the Chapter and ACLU volunteer attorneys, ACLU concluded that police used excessive force to clear lawful demonstrators from the vicinity of the Jacksonville Inn where Bush was having dinner.

 The Chapter has written letters to the government agencies involved urging them to investigate this episode, take corrective and disciplinary actions as warranted, and issue a public report detailing those actions. In addition, ACLU volunteer attorneys are considering filing suit against the involved agencies. 

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