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  There's a lot to know about the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as those of the state of Oregon. The ACLU of Oregon is committed to educating everyone, students and adults alike, about their rights and responsibilities. We have many publications available on line and several more can be ordered through our offices; the library site at the National ACLU Website has even more.  

Many of our publications are now available in Spanish.  

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Faces of Faces of Liberty: an exhibit that details the impact of ordinary Oregonians who took a stand to defend their rights with the help of the ACLU.  Available as a display for use in schools and groups.

ACLU of Oregon Handbook: Your Privacy Rights in Oregon. 

A Pocket Guide to Your Rights with the Police: in English and in Spanish  

ACLU of Oregon Activist Network: sign up for our e-mail action alerts  

National ACLU 

Publications Catalog plus books, videos, and ACLU clothing 

Know Your Rights pamphlets in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic

Briefing Papers on topics from immigrants rights to church & state issues.  

Rights of... books which you can order from the ACLU of Oregon.  

Briefing papers especially for students can be found on our student rights page.  

More "Good Reads"

    50 Reasons to Read a Bad Book 
    The Federal Bill of Rights 
    Declaracion De Derechos 
    The Oregon Bill of Rights 
    The Federal Constitution 
    The Oregon Constitution
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