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Student Press Freedom Award

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2002 -2003 Student Journalism Awardee Tara Watson

April 10st Deadline
Student Press Freedom Award
$250 Award

Annual Competition for Student Journalists

 Sponsored by the 
American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon
The School of Journalism & Communication of the University of Oregon

and the
Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists 

Purpose:  The Student Press Freedom Award is intended to encourage and recognize high school journalism that upholds the purpose and tradition of the First Amendment and Oregonís Bill of Rights Free Expression protections. It celebrates courageous journalism in the school context, dealing with civil liberties and the advocacy of free press issues.  The award is co-sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, the School of Journalism & Communication of the University of Oregon, and the Greater Oregon Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Eligibility:  Any piece of high school journalism in Oregon produced during the current school year is eligible for competition. This includes articles, editorials, cartoons and photographs, as well as work that was barred from publication. Any student, or group of students, may enter. Interested parties with the permission of the students may also submit entries on behalf of students. Items submitted may be from school newspapers or from ďundergroundĒ student publications.

Judging Criteria:  Submissions will be judged by representatives of the three sponsors who are experienced in journalism and Free Expression issues.  Judges will consider entries in light of their achievement in furthering the cause of civil liberties, the First Amendment and Free Expression. Judging evaluation will include informational value, resourcefulness in reporting, writing quality, courage in publication, and impact. 

Awards: Up to three Student Press Freedom Award winners may be selected each year. Prizes are $250 for first place, $150 for second, $100 for third, and framed award certificates for each winner.

Entry Rules:  Any high school-aged student journalist (or adult, with the studentís permission) may submit entries. Entries must be accompanied by a cover letter that provides contact information for the student (including e-mail and phone), and the school. An individual may enter only one article or series of related articles. Entries should include five original tear sheets and should be mailed to: ACLU of Oregon, Student Award, PO Box 50426, Eugene, OR 97405, and be postmarked no later than April 10, 2004. Award winners may be recognized at meetings of the sponsors. For more information, go to the ACLU of Oregonís web site:

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